About us

Formed in 1988 Digital Surveys is a privately owned company offering a range of specialist survey, dimensional control and industrial measurement services. Over the years we have built a glowing reputation as an innovator in the survey sector.


Always at the forefront of measurement technology, Digital Surveys were early adopters of 3D laser scanning and LiDAR technologies, and have embraced the latest 3D data capture methods and techniques. Operating globally we provide large and small scale 3D survey solutions to owner operators, asset managers and engineers across the oil and gas, petrochemical, built environment and renewable sectors. So whatever your needs, you can rest assured, we have the team to deliver.



Oil and Gas


We offer very fast data capture
Our work is very Accurate (sub-mm)
We ensure minimum disruption
Suitable for hazardous environments
There will be a reduced need for site re-visits
You can see stunning visual results in 3D