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22 NOVEMBER / 2016

When you think of construction, you may not immediately pair that world with ground breaking technology. We tend to think of scaffolding, bricks and mortar, not computers. But with the introduction of virtual reality, that is all about to change.

In this piece, we will introduce to you just how tech savvy the construction business is by looking at how the industry is using virtual technology to not only map out and plan buildings, but to put their clients inside a fully built VR building and show them around before laying one single brick.

We’ll also show you a complete step by step guide of how firms go from nothing, to a fully scaled, fully furnished building, inside and out, all with the use of VR and “BIM”, Building Information Modelling as well as a look at some of the software and hardware that these companies use.

Virtual technology will be used by an incredible 93% of construction firms by the end of this year, that’s a staggering figure when you think of how new VR technology is. In fact, over 65% of people in construction believe that virtual reality will be the next big technology trend.

So, what are you waiting for, read on to discover the world of “Virtual Reality In Construction”.

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