Sub Service



Over the years our skill base had grown to encompass 3d modelling, technical 3d animation and visual effects. This allows us to present our clients products and needs in a visually engaging way.

We can 3d scan your existing plant, site or product and model it to show its current use. We can combine it with new design models to show upgrades and refurbishments in an easy to understand and informative way.

A technical animation is an ideal way to engage with your customers and team, help sell new solutions, win bids and update corporate partners.

Explain Complex Processes

If you don't have models of your parts we can digitise and build them for you animating individual assemblies, exploding and rebuilding components.

Using 3D animations we can communicate both simple and complex concepts and procedures in a clear, concise, and easy to digest fashion, from photo realism to conceptual imagery we can provide a solution that meets your time and budgetary constraints.

Real Time Visualisation Service

Our sister company Digital VR can now provide real time visualization services using state of the art games engine technology. We can take existing models and create photo realistic environments that can be experienced and walked around freely all at a comparable cost to traditional CGI. For more info see the following link: