Convert your scans into working 3D plans

With our help you can bring your scans to life

At Digital Surveys we’re big believers in collaboration – even when that means working with what some may perceive to be “competition”.

We’re finding that many surveyors have bought the specialist scanners and bought into the incredible potential of 3D scanning. However, not all are lucky enough to have an expert modelling team within their company set up, therefore aren’t realising the true potential of their business. We do have that team. And we are happy to share them with you.

We don’t just see through doors, we help you open them

The businesses we support see our vastly experienced modelling team as an extension of their own workforce. Relationships are built on trust, confidentiality and respect.

Whether it’s in Revit or BIM, our team of UK based experts can help you bid for any 3D project, however large or small. Experience proves that with our support, you can and will win bigger projects, so don’t limit your aspirations.

The 3D modelling service we offer is not only cost effective, but we also guarantee a fast turnaround – without the loss of quality – for BIM, petrochemical and oil and gas projects.

So if you need support with a potential bid, talk to Digital Surveys, because together we are stronger.

By choosing Digital Surveys, you’ll be choosing to work with:

  • The UK’s largest and most advanced point cloud processing team
  • A team of modellers that are all professional architectural technologists
  • A company that will build 3D models exactly how you want them to be built

Digital Surveys - more than just 3D modellers

As well as providing 3D modelling support, we can also provide you with any of the following services:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Visualisations
  • Animations

Data Formats

We can accept all major point cloud formats from Leica, Faro, Z+F and Riegl - so however you work, we can work with you.

  • Leica
  • Faro
  • Z+F
  • Riegl

3D Modelling Process

Modelling process

All our 3D models are created to a pre determined level of detail. To assist in this process we have created 4 generic levels which cover most project requirements, with the option to add additional bespoke items if required. Please download our eBIM specification to assist in determining your project scope.

We can then build a model that meets all your project goals and expectations.

The sky is the limit

Case study 1: Vancouver Sky Train Modelling
Client: Under Hill Geomatics

“We have worked with Digital Surveys on several projects and have always found them to respond quickly and deliver on budget. We are pleased to utilize their extensive modelling experience to compliment our surveying experience and we intend to continue to retain them on future projects.”

Chris El-Araj,
Principal, BCLS

In operation since 1913 Underhill Geomatics is one of Canada’s most trusted surveying companies. Digital Surveys assisted them by providing scan to BIM services for a number of their laser scanning projects, including high accuracy models of the Vancouver Skytrain.

Laser scanning was carried out by Underhill who captured over 20 billion points of data in just a few days. The resulting point cloud was then sent to us to process. Structural models were created for the monorail, guide way and columns. Our team also created a photo realistic video fly through to assist in showcasing the project to the other team members.

An education in modelling

Case study 2: De Monfort University 3D Modelling
Client: Tower Surveys

“As part of our supply chain, Digital Surveys have produced a number of 3D building models for us, supplementing our capabilities. The products were delivered in the requested timeframes and to the high quality expected.”

Tony Clifton,
Director, Tower Surveys

Tower Surveys provide a comprehensive range of Land, Utilities, Engineering and Building surveys across the UK. Digital Surveys has been working with their HDS survey team providing additional point cloud modelling resources whenever required.

We recently assisted on the conversion of a point cloud of De Montfort University.

We received a geo referenced fully registered point cloud from Tower Surveys and were able to deploy a team of four modellers to work on the project.

This enabled us to create a fast turnaround and issue of a full external building model in Revit.

Who we work with

  • Atlantic Geomatics
  • Precision Surveys
  • Underhill Geomatics
  • 1st Horizon