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Building Information Modelling is steadily growing in adoption across the whole construction sector and has been embraced by engineers, contractors and architects alike.

When creating a new build project working in BIM is a no brainer, however when it comes to working on retrofit and refurb projects BIM hasn't always been the preferred choice. This is because up until now converting existing sites & structures into a 3D building information model format has been perceived as to costly.

Laser scanning has addressed this by providing rapid accurate surveys in a 3D format capturing all the detail required to create building information models of existing buildings. This can be used for a range of construction management and verification processes.

At Digital we have been working within a BIM environment for the last 4 years will 90% of all out modelling projects built in Revit. Seeing the need for a service to convert existing sites to Revit we launched our eBIM solution in April of 2011.

We have developed a team of experienced architectural technologist who are experts in Revit and the IT infrastructure to allow multiple teams of modellers to collaborate across projects and point clouds. We have also developed our own modelling specifications to assist our clients in getting quotes that match their needs, expectations and budgets.

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