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Laser scanning is ideally suited to applications with in the Oil & Gas Industries. Many offshore platforms & rigs require constant maintenance and updating. Accurate information on these platforms is essential to maintain safe and productive work environments.

Platform engineers need to know the locations of pumps, pipes valves and machinery and the weight of this equipment at each location so that accurate centre of gravity for the platform can be calculated.

Getting this data is hampered by the often remote and hazardous nature of platforms, plus the fact that they are constantly working and cant be shut down.

Most engineering firms have had significant problems working in these environments due to the tight spaces densely packed equipment and tight time frames. If an error is made it can have extremely costly consequences!
The traditional way to gather the required information would have been through original design and construction drawings as well as taking manual measurements. These techniques are slow with a lack of detail and prone to error. These problems can all be eliminated with the use of the latest 3D scanning and dimensional control technology.

Our Laser scanning services are enabling engineers to decide where new equipment can be placed and the best positions for existing equipment to be moved to, aiding and extending the lifetime of offshore platforms. This results in a reduced development and maintenance life cycle and rapid accurate measurements, reducing the time and effort of ongoing work.

 Overall by utilising laser scanning on offshore platform projects, the following benefits are achieved:

-  Elimination of Rework
-  Lower Cost Design
-  Reduce Project Design time
-  Better Safety
-  Better use of resource

Our scanning teams hold current BOISET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training certificates) and are ready to deploy globally.