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In the last couple of years mobile mapping systems have come of age with drastically reduced costs and vastly improved accuracy and speed of data collection. Digital Surveys work with  a number of mobile systems depending on project requirements such as accuracy and overall budget costs.

We have systems that range from accuracies of +/- 100mm to +/- 20mm.  Mobile mapping systems are transforming how large scale road and city mapping projects are executed. Data can be captured at speeds of 50 mph allowing vast swathe of motorway to be accurately captured faster that ever before.

How does it work?

A mobile or kinetic laser scanning systems is made up of a 3D laser scanner, GPS unit and Inertia Measurement Device (IMU)

Mobile Vehicles?

Mobile laser scanning systems are not restricted to cars the system we use can be mounted on any vehicle from a quad to a boat. This opens up range of land and hyrdrographic mapping solutions. Mobile laser scanning is ideally suited for coast monitoring both


  • City Street Mapping
  • Coastal Surveys
  • Motorway / Highway Infrastructure Surveys
  • Transmission Lines
  • Port & Harbour Surveys
  • Quarry & Mine Surveys
  • Digital Terrain Models