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In the past credible virtual reality could only be achieved with multimillion pound cave systems. In the last couple of years breakthrough new hardware now makes amazing virtual reality experiences accessible for a range of business uses which are set to transform how we work.

Utilising our expertise in 3d data capture we can now accurately re create your plant, office or factory in true 3D. This opens up a wealth of opportunities for meeting, testing, training and trialling new designs or systems virtually.


Plant / Factory Design Simulation:

As well as providing a survey grade 3D model of your plant or factory we can port this data across into our 3D VR platform. By loading this data into a games environment we can add phyiscs and collision detection in to the model. Then using the oculus rift VR head set users can virtually explore the facility. This can be used to simulate new equipment installations and allow users to virtually walk around to inspect and decide on the best positions, pinch points etc. Multiple users can log in to the system online creating a virtual site meeting from anywhere in the world.

The possibilities are endless, imagine scheduling an online presentation to experience the existing plant facility and then virtually walk through scheduled upgrades and new equipment installs with multiple colleagues.

For remote, complex or hazardous environments the benefits to being able to recreate them in high definition in a virtual world can provide huge cost savings and health and safety benefits.

·        Plant Refurbishment Simulation

·        Clash Detection

·        Virtual Meetings

·        Plant /facility training

·        Emergency planning.


Our 3D environments can also be ported to multiple platforms and devices making it accessible to an even broader range of users. Tablets can be used instead of VR head sets simply moving the tablet around provides a responsive viewing window into the 3d model.


Heritage Virtual Environments.

Digital Surveys have developed a pipeline drawing on our Laser scanning and VFX skills to create photorealistic immersive 3D environments. These can be in the form of 360 panoramic tours ported to the Oculus rift or fully immersive 3D environments.

Using the latest data capture techniques we can capture an environment in full 10K HDR imagery. We can then model the environment and texture it to create incredible 3D experience. Once the models is finished it can be ported across to the Unity / Cryenigne or the Unreal games engine and made accessible across multiple devices.

Whether you are looking to preserve a world heritage site, cave system, or museum artifacts we capture them and place your users or customers into that environment in a level of realism and detail never seen before.

Advanced Disaster Management Simulation

If you are looking to provide safe virtual training without the requirements to invest millions of pounds our VR solution can help.

We can quickly and efficiently laser scan your sites. Laser scanning provides the most effective way to capture complex environments, once scanned the site is modelled to provide the most accurate representation you can get. This data is loaded into our VR engine and users are provided with our VR headsets.

Training plans can be setup to provide fully interactive walk throughs or user determined actions. Scenarios, people, equipment and operation can all be pre loaded in to the environment which operates in a familiar 'gamer environment'.

Using the latest 3d data capture techniques and workflows taken from the film and VFX industry we can provide the most immersive virtual simulation of a real world environment.

Incredible photo realistic textures and modelling mean that the real world is capture in mm accuracy and pixel perfect visual fidelity.