Digital Surveys News


16 DECEMBER / 2014

Digital Surveys have recently added the new Dot Product DPI-7 Tablet based laser scanner to our pool of laser scanning equipment. The DPI-7 is unique in the market in that it is run and powered directly from a 7 inch Android tablet.

Using there unique Phi-3D technology it lets you create 3D-models of just about anything by simply recording it with the device, very much like operating a hand-held video camera. It is also a real time indoor positioning system as the device position is computed 30 times a second with superior precision. It can even recognize places that you visited before all using markerless scanning. There incredible compression algorithms squeeze individual scans up to 50x smaller than standard .pts or .ptx.

We look forward to using this fantastic new peace of kit on a range of industrial projects to fill in the blanks in areas that can’t be reached conventionally. The addition of this scanner increases our ability to scan in all situations providing compressive 3d imaging coverage.