30 JUNE / 2012


Digital Surveys are experts in documenting and creating asbuilt models of complex plant rooms

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Digital Surveys utilise 3D laser scanning to digitally document a variety of assets including plant and utilities. Recent projects include a number of plant rooms and underground pipelines for clients such as Mott MacDonald, Cundall, Entec & Northumbrian Water.

The laser scanner very quickly captures a dense point cloud of data. This information is fed back to the office to then generate very accurate as built plans and models. Once converted to 3D the plant models can be used for accurate clash detection for refurbs ensuring a first time fit on site.

As well generating the 3d deliverables, Digital Provide WEBSHARE for every project. Webshare allows every scanner location to be viewed online. This provides an invaluable tool for asset managers and allows all engineers and stake holders to virtually inspect a site from the office.